Essential oils for your Sanctuary

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Aromatherapy is just one way we like to create some calm in our lives, whether at home or work. Essential oils are a beautiful and versatile way to chill you out or uplift your mood.

You can mix a few drops of your favourite oils into a diffuser, add a couple of drops to your pillow or soft furnishings (being careful as some will mark!) or use in an oil burner. Quick trick: If you don’t have either of these, just add a few drops to a small bowl of water and leave on a radiator or in a warm place!

We also like to add a few drops in a bath, or apply to wrists and temples whenever you need to chill. Just make sure if you’re applying to your skin check the allergens and make sure you dilute first by adding to a base oil – we like almond, jojoba and grape seed.

Here are some of our favourite natural plant and flower oils for your sanctuary…

Our top 3 calming essential oils

  1. English Lavender: a sweet, fresh, herbaceous scent. A calming & soothing essential oil that is incredibly versatile. It is also great to soothe irritated skin & to calm/ sedate mood. This is the perfect oil to use at night time to aid sleep. Highly antiseptic it can be used on bites, burns, stings.
  2. Frankincense: a warm, spicy and grounding scent. Frankincense is great for supporting those who suffer with stress, depression and anxiety.
  3. Roman Chamomile: a warm & herbaceous scent. Relaxing and gentle oil, great for soothing skin irritation & redness. Calms the mind and helps restless people relax.

Our top 3 uplifting essential oils

  1. Geranium: floral Scent, uplifting, calming. This flower oil is traditionally used to balance hormones and support the nervous system.
  2. Rose: a sweet, floral, uplifting scent. Gentle & Balancing. Also useful in hormonal issues & emotional instability & depression.
  3. Sweet Orange: a sweet, citrus, fresh scent. Orange is uplifting & cheerful, promoting happiness. It is great for those who suffer with heavy moods and need some fresh lightness. A detoxifying oil, it also supports clear skin & aids digestive issues.

Our top 3 cleansing essential oils

  1. Rosemary: a fresh, medicinal scent. This energising scent aids mental alertness when experiencing fatigue. Popular ingredient for skincare and haircare as it strengthens the hair follicles.
  2. Eucalyptus: a highly antibacterial, anti-fungal oil. Effective at soothing muscles after exercise & to help clear the respiratory system.
  3. Cedarwood Atlas: a woody, balsamic, warm aroma from Morocco. An effective oil to help strengthen the respiratory system and an excellent oil for muscular aches & pains.

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