Little Morning Life Hacks with a Big Impact

How to start your day the best way

Sunday, November 21, 2021


Remember these old analogue things? They’re really worth it. Then you really have no excuse to have your phone next to your bed for early morning mindless scrolling.

How often have you lost half an hour or more in the morning scrolling through social media, WhatsApp and the news? (I’m really not trying to lecture you by the way, we’ve been there done this too… and sometimes still do!) Leave it to charge out of your bedroom and don’t look at it for an hour after you’ve woken up. This is the best part and will allow you to slowly, calmly arise from your restful slumber into a beautiful new day, rather than your brain being bombarded with notifications from the moment you are conscious.

Carve out this sacred morning time and protect it from tech; this is going to give you more space in the morning to start it your way. Pick and mix all or some of the below ideas to create your own morning routine.


If it’s good enough for Wim Hof… Cold water therapy has been shown to boost your immune system and circulation, improves metabolism, can help with depression and it certainly wakes you up! Start with a 60 second blast at the end of your morning shower, and gradually increase. For more tips, learn from the Iceman himself.


Take 10 – 20 minutes for your meditation practice. And I say practice because that is what it is: I often see people getting frustrated and giving up meditation because they think they are doing it wrong, or that they are not supposed to be thinking. Meditation helps you to realise that you are not your thoughts; gradually, with practice, you will start to find more quiet moments, more space between your thoughts. Meditation gives you more capacity to deal with life’s peaks and troughs. Start with an app like Insight Timer or Just Breathe for guided meditations, or explore Nicola Peters’ recorded meditations.


Maybe breathwork is more your jam? Breathwork is a powerful tool with multiple benefits, helping to lower blood pressure, calm the nervous system, treat anxiety, trauma, depression, insomnia and more. Check out Breathe with James’s Instagram Live schedule and monthly membership, The Breath Guy, and this amazing 30 minute virtual breathwork session with Jasmine Marie, breathwork practitioner and Founder of @blackgirlsbreathing.


If 2020 has been good for one thing, that’s the online move of any class, talk or activity you could possibly wish for. For online yoga classes check out the lovely Sanchia Legister, Lela Jasmine, Darvina Plante or Jenny Clark. We also love Move Your Frame’s on-demand classes for everything from dance classes to HIIT.


Having a mug of hot (or warm) water in the morning helps to boost your metabolism, gets your digestive system working and gives your kidneys a break (before you hit it with caffeine). We like to add fresh ginger, fresh mint, or the juice of half a lemon. You could also add honey or apple cider vinegar, depending on how sweet/sour you’re feeling!


In your shiny, new, sacred morning time that you have carved out for yourself, you now have brain space for all sorts of things! Such as sitting down with your hot water (or coffee) and writing three things you are grateful for and three things you aim to do today. AllSwell have some beautiful journals and online writing workshops and we love the prompts in Moon Lists.

It’s your morning – carve out and create a sacred routine that works for you. Set your alarm to get up slightly earlier if you think you don’t have enough time, and commit to the perfect morning of your creation for 21 days, then see what happens. And if you miss a day? No stress, tomorrow morning is a shiny new morning, ready and waiting.