Stuffing Suggestions

All of our Cushions and Poufs are sold unstuffed, to be filled according to your own preference of firmness. There are several different options for filling, here’s a few suggestions;

Polyester/Corn Fibre-Fill

A super soft, lightweight filling, best suited to Cactus Silk Cushions or Berber Poufs. Can be bought at a haberdashery, large home stores or ordered online.

Cushion/Pillow Inserts

The easiest filling, providing the inserts fit the product you are stuffing. We use 1-2 in our cushions and 4 in our Poufs.

Recycled Materials

The most eco-friendly way of stuffing – using your old clothes, towels, bedding and fabrics not only provides a great insert but also helps the environment and reduces landfill. For best results cut the fabric into small pieces.

Cushion Foam

Best used as a firm bottom layer in poufs, cut to shape or bought as crumbled foam for cushions.

Buckwheat Hulls

Creates a firm but flexible filling and can be bought from health-food stores or online.