10 Ways To Turn A Scary Isolation Into A Lovely Hibernation

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Yes this time is scary, stressful and for some, heartbreaking. But it is also a time of opportunity.

Here’s a few suggestions to use this precious hibernation time wisely…

Get Creative

Paint, draw, write, sew, take photo’s, make a collage. Take the time to get creative and do whatever feels good to you

Be Kind

Now is the perfect opportunity to practice what you preach – Reach out to elderly neighbours or venerable people and see how you can help. A weekly shop could mean the world to them right now.

Spring Clean your Sanctuary

Open all your windows, sage your space, clean everything, minimalise your things, water your plants and make your home into a place you actually want to hibernate in!

Learn a New Skill

A new language, how to use photoshop, how to paint watercolour… Everything you could possibly want to learn is out there waiting for you on an app or YouTube video.

Connect with Yourself

Create a sacred space/shrine for yourself. Your own little cocoon for one, to meditate, do yoga, journal, write your gratitude list do breath work exercises.

Connect with Others

What a great opportunity to get to know the people you live with properly, or finally have the time to phone an old friend or catch up with long lost Aunt E

Create your own Retreat

Light some candles, take a bath, exfoliate and moisturise your body, put on a face and hair mask, give yourself a hand and foot massage, and treat your dear temple to the care it deserves

Eat Well

It’s obviously super important to stay healthy right now more than ever, so what a great time to try some new recipes and research natural foods and ingredients that are full of vitamins and help fight viruses.

Make Future Plans

What a perfect time for reflection and re-evaluation. A chance to think about what you’ve achieved so far and what you want from your future. Make lists, create vision boards and spend some time planning and manifesting your magical life ahead.

Treat Yourself To A Big Fat Lye-in

You deserve it!